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Über mich:

Ich heiße Marcus Heydeck, bin Tischlermeister, Unternehmer und Künstler in meiner Freizeit. Twitter Instagram

English version:

Master carpenter Marcus Heydeck produces these extraordinary wooden objects in the shape of bird chalets. He travelled to the Japanese islands several times to get from Asian carpenters venerable knowledge about traditional wooden construction. His inspiration is based primarily on the art objects and buildings, what have been created according to aesthetic, form and function, what he studied more intensively during his excursions and what he disseminate through his passion for the wood. He is still active as an artist and gives advices to companies and private customers about their projects as a master carpenter. Marcus Heydeck recently founded new innovative company, which combines handcrafts, modern IT technologies as well as interesting business- and investment models.

Das Kamidana

Das erste Kamidana vom Japantischler Marcus Heydeck erfüllt seine Funktion in Zukunft in einem Dojo, einer Schule für die Kampfkünste. Hier wird dem Sportgeist verehrt und gehuldigt, damit sich die vielen Übungsstunden auszahlen und ausbleiben.